Coleman model 242c parts manual

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By Year – International Coleman Collectors Club The proper next step is to slide the frame rest towards the cleaning lever then slhtly spread the ends to allow it to slip over the packing nut. Once firmly clamped, grab the fount in both hands, and while keeping in mind how thin and fragile the fount is, carefully try to unscrew the fount from the valve tree by turning it counter clockwise (left loosy rhty thty). (Did I mention that the PO appears to have taken this apart at some time? Model “AVK” Ker-O-Lite Table Lamp. 555. 404. 505. 707. *Note Coleman Sales & Parts Catalogs issued prior to 1926 do not list Urn Burners.

Coleman gear - Team Mousetrap When it arrived I took one look at her and thought, "Uh oh, someone has hand painted the fount and that means they tried to fix her up". It is commonly said that any liquid-fuel Coleman that is not rusted out is worth rebuilding. Use the handles, control knobs/levers and avoid touching other parts until it is completely. Fyrestorm stoves in stainless steel and titanium/magnesium models. 1944 Coleman 242c 200cp single-mantle lantern. Mailing lists.

Coleman 242 243 247 249 lantern lamp The tops of these founts are very thin BRASS and are EASILY bent! Like an idiot, I tried to take the packing nut loose to remove the shut off valve stem and was horrified when the whole valve assembly moved bending the top of the fount! Remember there is a tube (the F/A tube) attached to the end of this valve, and it extends down to the bottom of the tank. This single mantled gasoline lantern is also a Coleman Model 242. Noticeable differences from Model 242 are ventilator, curved glass globe and some parts of pump. 242B on base rest and Sunrise-Mark & date on the side of fount.

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