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Boatanchors" FAQ - Ibiblio All of the receivers that I will be discussing in this article are receivers that I own or have owned in recent times, or have spent enough time in front of to formulate an opinion. The audio from a Hammarlund or National receiver, or a Johnson transmitter can. the term "boatanchor" becomes self-evident after carrying a DX100 a classic anchor. ARRL HQ is glad to provide this information free of charge as a service to. Box 95 Berwyn, IL 60402 Manuals for 95% of the Hallicrafters product line.

Lafayette kt-200 Receiver - Bill's Antique Radios One must keep in mind that receivers are much like people, in that each one has its own distinct personality. Eventually I upgraded to a Hammarlund HQ-100 and being newly married, money in those days was not in abundance, so it was necessary to trade the KT-200.

Ham Radio Classified Ads RADIOANQ - Swap amateur My evaluations will be primarily based on the receiver’s performance for AM operation, but I will make references to it’s performance on SSB where necessary. FS Hammarlund HQ-170 Excellent condx and all orinal. Includes working clock and orinal manual. Proper. Pay -$100 depending upon condition.

DD-103 Universal Dital Dial Instruction Manual - When operating your own or someone else’s station, the first thing you will notice is the personality of the station receiver. There is also a manual program mode that lets you program the dial for any receiver or. HQ-100 • HQ-105 • HQ-110 • HQ-120 • HQ-129 • HQ-140 • HQ-145 • HQ-150 • HQ-160. HQ-170. Examples are the Hammarlund HQ180 and HQ145.

President's Page - Test Equipment Manuals - Max-Gain I will not waste our time in discussion of the less desirable low end units, but will tailor this discussion to the more desirable hher end units that can be considered useable by today’s standards. Test equipment manuals owned by Bob- The Scopeman. HALLICRAFTERS S-40 RECEIVER or. HAMMARLUND RECEIVER HQ-100-100C-100E.

Free download courtesy of n9sor I am writing this article due to the increased interest by fellow AMers toward some of the older vintage receivers. INSTRUCTIONS. The HQ-100A series receivers have a self-contained power supply and. dial is set to the line marking the hh frequency rht.

Lafayette kt-200 Receiver - Bill's Antique Radios
Ham Radio Classified Ads RADIOANQ - Swap amateur
DD-103 Universal Dital Dial Instruction <em>Manual</em> -
President's Page - Test Equipment <em>Manuals</em> - Max-Gain
Free download courtesy of n9sor
Ham Radio Information - One Electron
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<i>Hammarlund</i> HQ-180 Service <i>Manual</i> - American
Knht KG-687 Sweep Marker Generator, Probe and <em>Manuals</em>,

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