Potterton puma 80e manual

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Potterton Boiler Manuals With POWER OFF, pilot and CH on, front and bottom cover removed, and electrical unit hinged forward and down (by undoing retaining screw above) I could get to the pressure sensor behind the electrical unit. Potterton Boiler Manuals - Leading UK Supplier of Boiler Heating Spares, 8PM Order Cut Off. Potterton Puma 80e free boiler manual - GC Number 4759011.

Potterton Puma 80 E, good hot water but Central heating not. Low water pressure switch is blocked or faulty(most likely is isituated behind the pcb and has 3 connections but only 2 wires connected to it.drain the pressure from the boiler and unscrew the switch...unblock it and replace, then pressurise system and bleed. Having bled a radiator the low pressure lht came on, and would not go off despite repressurising the system. Boiler was in Rushgrove Avenue, The Hyde London NW9. Hot water is working fine. But the central heating is not working properly. The system.

Potterton Puma 80E - Plumbase I could not find a manual online, but the flowchart and wiring diagram on the back of the boiler cover were invaluable. Potterton Puma 80E at lowest online prices checked every day. In stock for next day delivery. Manuals. Printed Circuit Board Main 80E & 100E 21/18601.

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