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Service Manuals - Intellent battery with a processor to allow accurate monitoring of battery condition and accurate fuel guage. Laptop and Metric Machine Screws in M2, M2.5, M3 and up. M3x4 hard. This is where you will find free service manuals. IBM Click here to go to the IBM site.

ThinkPad Manual IBM Lenovo Laptop and Desktop Fn F2 = Fuel guage Fn F7 = Ext display/LCD Fn F3 = Standby Fn F8, F9, F10 = (reserved) Fn F4 = Suspend Fn F11 = Power mg Fn F5 = Audio decrease Fn F12 = Hibernation mode Fn F6 = Audio increase Easy-Setup is entered by holding F1 when turning on. H6670 · User Guide · 365X/365XD · 76H7579 · User Reference · 380/380D · 84H7186 · User Reference · 380XD/385XD · 05L2143 · User Reference · 380Z.

Error 174 on IBM Thinkpad 380D - Computing. Net Dock I (Docking Station) 5 SCSI-1 controller; two stereo speakers; One full-size 16 bit AT bus slot; 6.0 pounds; One bay (slim hh 1") for 3.5" or 5.25" devices Can house removable disk from 360/750/755; Replication of ports on back of 360/750/755; Additional ports: SCSI, audio, speaker, video in, diskette, headphone jack; handle/palm rest; Dock II (Docking Station) 9 SCSI-2 Fast controller; two stereo speakers; Two full-size 16 bit AT bus slots; 17.6 pounds; Two 5.25" bays (1" hh (SL) and 1.5" hh HH); Two PCMCIA slots (Type II and III); Many ports including audio, diskette, SCSI; Plug and Play ready Port Replicator Model I 9 2 Type I or 2 Type II or 1 Type III PCMCIA slots Provides cable management because all the cables attach to Replicator, not the Think Pad Replication of Ports: mouse, keyboard, SVGA, parallel port, serial, diskette port, DC power Port Replicator Model II 9 Same as Model I except no PCMCIA slots Think Pad Easy Serv: customer s 1-800-772-2227, courier service picks up Think Pad at All trademarks are the property of their respective owners any location, IBM repairs and mails back (no shipping charges, most shipping is overnht, No warranties are expressed or implied in this summary 3 business days average turnaround). ❏ = Upgradeable ❍ = Removable ➷ Price decrease effective May 11, 1995 ✂ Withdrawn from marketing (755THINK) Compiled by Roger Dodson, IBM. I was given this thinkpad by a friend and I got an error code 163. Rebooted and I now get error code 174, which the manual lists as device.

Service Forum View topic - Tutorial How to unlock (library of media clips) - Lap Link V - Picture Factory - Talk Works - Sound Effects Library - Click Art 2000 ® ® Think Pad : ✂ 755Cs ✂ 755C ✂ Traveling Multimedia dual scan color TFT color preconfured system 80486 DX2 ❏ to DX4 50/25 MHz 3.3 volt 8 KB internal (no L2) N/A (std in 486DX2) ,899 ,399 ,799 3.5" 1.44 MB ❍ K0C K0E K0G 170 ❏ 340 ❏ 540 ❏ 15 ❍ 14 ❍ 14 ❍ Jun 94 / May 95 Memory upgraded via ① 1 open socket for IC memory card for 20 MB max or ② new DIMM technology for max of 36 MB with 4 or 16 MB JEDEC 72 pin SO DIMMs on optional Memory Module Adapter. Mwave Sampler (CD) FEATURES OF 755CSE / CE MODELS Discharge battery via mouse click Battery life indicator Non-disruptive battery exchange Standby, suspend, and hibernation modes US EPA Energy Star compliant Personalized nameplate in molded indention Personalization screen at startup Selecta System capability to select operating system choice 3 year warranty International Warranty Service 24 hour / 7 day telephone, bulletin board, fax, and electronic support IBM or dealer warranty/service Online House (remote diagnostics) 30 day money back guarantee ✂ Withdrawn from marketing effective December 1995 All trademarks are the property of their respective owners No warranties are expressed or implied in this summary (755E) Compiled by Roger Dodson, IBM. As you may know, IBM ThinkPad uses a small eeprom ATMEL 24RF08. Other ThinkPad models such as 380XD, 600 or 760/765 use 24C01 or. guys could supply with some visual instructions also, i would appriciate it.

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