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Marine Corps Personnel Clerk Careers The pho- tographic print should be pasted in the center of a sheet of official size paper, and the following data typed below the photograph : (a) Name and rank; (&) approximate date of photograph; (c) sna- ture. When an officer has once enrolled he will be required to complete the course unless exempted as provided in paragraph (3). officers' choice of station 1-12 Officers are afforded the opportunity, through the medium of official itters to the Commandant of the Marine Corps to indicate preference )r duty and station. (d) Officers desnated by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. When an officer on duty on a foren station is granted leave with permission to visit the United States, report of such leave, together with probable date of arrival in United States and address while on leave, will be sent by dispatch to the Commandant of the Marine Corps by the officer granting the leave. Fifth pay grade: Corporal; field cook; field music corporal; stew- ard's assistant, first class. They will not, except in cases of emergency, be required to perform any duty outside of the Quartermaster Department. You are here Home Careers Marine Corps Personnel Clerk Careers. Marine Corps Personnel Clerk Careers

PERSONNEl MANUAL - Headquarters Marine Corps Approved : Louis Compton, Acting Secretary of the Navy. MARI~NE CdRPS. PERSONNEl MANUAL. OF THE NAVY. HEADQUARTERS lJNIUD STATES MARINE CORP$. ' WASHIIITOIII 25, D. C.

Marine Corps Manual eBay (2) On receipt of orinal commission each officer will forward his fingerprint record on Forms NMC-330 and 331 to Marine Corps Head- quarters for file. Seventh pay grade: Private; field music; steward's assistant, third class. (2) Paymaster sergeants will not, except in cases of emergency, be required to perform any duty not connected with the Paymaster Department. — The allowance of noncommissioned officers (mess management) for organizations of the Marine Corps is as follows : Organization Strength Master cal sergeant (ommis- sary) cal sergeant (0 'Tiimis- sary) Staff sereeant (cmmis- sary) Mess sergeant Minis- saryj Companies 25 to 100 1 Compan ies 100 to 150 . Note.— For posts and stations ranks will be as determined by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and set forth in Authorized Allowance Tables. MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE MANUAL*PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION*1986*MCI 7104F*WASHINGTON. INTERESTING BOOK FOR SOMEONE INTERESTED IN THE MARINE CORPS.

Personnel Clerk MOS 0121 - Marine Corps Job MARINE CORPS HISTORICAL LIBRAh/ HQMC ROOM 3127 • a MARINE CORPS MANUAL 1940 REPRINTED 1942 WITH CHANGES 1 and 2 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON : 1940 15 ? Job Description Personnel clerks perform personnel and general administrative duties utilizing manual and automated. Marine Corps Job 0193 Personnel/.

United States Marine Corps - pedia The photographs should preferably be unmounted, of approximately 2% by 2y 2 inches, and show the head and shoulders of the officer, uncovered. 1.] EDUCATIONAL COURSES FOR OFFICERS 1-10 1 (1) Upon the completion of the basic school course a marine officer will enroll in the Marine Corps Institute for a course in bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing. (4) Upon completion of the course in bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing, the director of the institute will inform the Comman- dant of the Marine Corps in order that a notation may be entered in the officer's record. Subordinate officers who desire to have others offi- ;ially commended will make appropriate recommendations to those iharged with making fitness reports or authorized to issue letters of :ommendation, as the case may be. (c) Commanding officers of brades and officers hher in com- nand serving outside the continental United States. (4) When an officer is granted more than 15 days' leave of absence a copy of the request and approval, showing the leave address, will 1-17 MARINE CORPS MANUAL be forwarded to the Commandant of the Marine Corps by the officer granting the leave. (j) It is not deemed necessary for officers to avail themselves of the full allowance of 4 days in reporting in obedience to orders where the transfer takes place between two ships in the same port, or between two stations at the same place. Fourth pay grade: Sergeant; mess sergeant; chief cook; field music sergeant; steward, third class; cook, third (lass. 3.] (2) Sergeant major is the senior rank of the noncommissioned officer grades of the Marine Corps and will take rank and precedence 11 1-21 MARINE CORPS MANUAL over all noncommissioned officers of the first pay grade. ENGAGING IN BUSINESS 1-24 (1) Hereafter no enlisted man in the active service of the United States in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, respectively, whether a noncommissioned officer, musician, or private, shall be detailed, ordered, or permitted to leave his post to engage in any pursuit, business, or performance in civil life for emolument, hire, or other- wise, when the same shall interfere with the customary employment and regular engagement of local civilians in their respective arts, trades, or professions (34 U. They will be assned such duties as the organization quartermaster may deem for the best interests of his department; these duties should, however, be changed from time to time in order that quartermaster sergeants and supply sergeants may be familiar with all the duties pertaining to their rank. 2 and 3.) (2) The detail of an enlisted man in the dual capacity of commis- sary sergeant and mess steward is prohibited. — The allowance of cooks for organizations of the Marine Corps is as follows : 13 1-31 MARINE CORPS MANUAL Number of men Chief cook (Commis- sary) Field cook (Commis- sary) Assistant cook (Commis sary) 1. In 1947, a proposal was made that the Department of War furnish Marine Corps personnel for Foren Service. The Small Wars Manual laid the framework for.

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