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Alternative Field Crops Manual ” For those in the middle, who suspect that long-term benefits may outweh the risks, there needs to be a well-thought, balanced plan demonstrating a good chance that a new, alternative crop will provide an economic or biological advantage. This Alternative Field Crops Manual addresses the need for detailed information on the. The manual is a joint project between the University of Wisconsin.

Exploring alternative field crops MSU Extension The words “alternative crop” causes a variety of reactions. These alternative crops involve both risks and opportunities. Alternative Field Crops Manual, University of Wisconsin Extension and.

Alternative Crop Field Guide - Scribd Sunflowers are a similar example, with only a couple thousand acres of the rougy 800,000 U. A few examples of cover crops that can also be grown for additional crop attributes include buckwheat and fall rye (for grain), and forage mustard (for animal grazing). This Alternative Field Crops Manual addresses the need for detailed. may be available from University of Wisconsin Cooperative or Extension Service.

Oplinger et al. 1990. In Alternative Field Crops If crops like buckwheat and rye are grown for seed instead of worked into the soil prior to seed set, the grower can expect some volunteer plants the following year. Oplinger, E. S. ; Oelke, E. A. ; Doll, J. D. ; Bundy, L. G. ; Schuler, R. T. 1997. Sesame. In Alternative Field Crops Manual, University of Wisconsin-Exension.

Alternative Agronomic Crops A short list of alternative crops suitable for Michan includes buckwheat, spelt, triticale, dry beans, dry peas, rapeseed, canola, sunflower and flax. A crop can be very common in one geographic area and considered an alternative in another. With over 18 million acres in production in Canada, canola is still considered an alternative crop in Michan. Cover crops utilized for soil building, weed suppression and soil erosion prevention may also be considered alternative crops. The Alternative Field Crops Manual 5, from the. University of Minnesota and the University of. Wisconsin, is a comprehensive source of production information.

Grains and Legumes Alternative Farming Systems For more conservative people, this reaction mht be “No way, not interested.” For those on the other end of the spectrum who get a kick out of taking hh risks, the reaction mht be “Cool, where do I get seed? Alternative Field Crops Manual link is external. University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service. Provides information for more than 40 alternative field.

Oelke et al. 1990. In Alternative Field Crops Manual, An alternative field crop could be defined as an agronomic crop not usually grown in a geographic reason, selected for use due to potential hh sale value or specialized benefit to the farming system. In Alternative Field Crops Manual, University of Wisconsin-Exension, Cooperative Extension. Document reference. Oelke, E. A. ; Oplinger, E. S. ; Putnam, D. H.

Mustard - Wisconsin Corn Agronomy - University of Center for Alternative Plant and Animal Products, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108. Yellow mustard Brassica hirta comprises about 90% of the crop in the Upper Midwest. Similar to Kirby in field performance but has a hh mucilage content desired by processors. The Mustard Growers Manual.

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