Pl 1 language reference manual

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Pl1 <strong>Language</strong> <strong>Reference</strong> <strong>Manual</strong>

Pl1 Language Reference Manual This manual defines Kednos PL/I for Open VMS VAX on the Open VMS VAX platform and Kednos PL/I for Open VMS Alpha on the Open VMS Alpha platform. Editors review Pl1 Language Reference Manual Staff on February 27, 2009 Backzilla. Whats new in this Pl1 Language Reference Manual Version 9.

Database PL/SQL <strong>Language</strong> <strong>Reference</strong> - Contents

Database PL/SQL Language Reference - Contents Possession, use, or copying of the software described in this publication is authorized only pursuant to a valid written license from Kednos Corporation or an anthorized sublicensor. The following are trademarks of Hewlett-Packard: Alpha AXP, AXP, CDD, DEC, DEC 4000, DECwindows, Dital, Open VMS AXP, ULTRIX, VAX, Open VMS, VT102, VT220, VT240, VT320, VT330, VT340, and the DITAL logo. PL/SQL Features for Oracle Database 11 g Release 1; 1 Overview of PL/SQL. 2 PL/SQL Language. Subprogram Parameter Aliasing with Parameters Passed by Reference;

Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 1 11.1

Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 1 11.1 It includes the keywords and the semantic and syntax rules of PL/I programming language statements, attributes, built-in functions, and other language elements. Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 1 11.1. introduces basic features of SQL and PL/SQL. SQL Language Reference.

PHP <i>Language</i> <i>Reference</i> - <i>Manual</i>

PHP Language Reference - Manual Operating System and Version: For Kednos PL/I for Open VMS VAX: Open VMS VAX Version 5.5 or hher For Kednos PL/I for Open VMS Alpha: Open VMS Alpha Version 6.2 or hher Software Version: Kednos PL/I Version 3.8 for Open VMS VAX Kednos PL/I Version 4.5 for Open VMS Alpha Published by: Kednos Corporation, Pebble Beach, CA, Change language Edit Report a Bug. PHP Manual. Copyrht; PHP Manual; Getting Started; Installation and Confuration; Language Reference; Security; Features.

GW-BASIC <strong>Language</strong> <strong>Reference</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> 3.1 Wyse Technology

GW-BASIC Language Reference Manual 3.1 Wyse Technology No responsibility is assumed for the use or reliability of software on equipment that is not listed as supported in the Product Description. Kednos PL/I for Open VMS VAX and Kednos PL/I for Open VMS Alpha are Kednos Corporation implementations of the PL/I programming language, General-Purpose Subset, ANSI X3.74-1981. PL/I PROLOG RPG. GW-BASIC Language Reference Manual 3.1. Wyse Technology, 1987, 257 pp. Assembly Language Subroutines.

PL-1 <strong>Language</strong> <strong>Reference</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> by Prentice Hall PTR.

PL-1 Language Reference Manual by Prentice Hall PTR. First Printing, August 1980 Revised, November 1983 Updated, April 1985 Revised, April 1987 Revised, January 1992 Revised, March 1992 Revised, November 1993 Revised, April 1995 Revised, October 1995 Revised, November 2003 Revised, January 2007 Kednos Corporation makes no representations that the use of its products in the manner described in this publication will not infringe on existing or future patent rhts, nor do the descriptions contained in this publication imply the granting of licenses to make, use, or sell equipment or software in accordance with the description. The Paperback of the PL-1 Language Reference Manual by Prentice Hall PTR at Barnes & Noble. Buy 2, Get 1 Free ; 30% Off Bestselling Personalized Books ;

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