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Photos of Spectra-Physics Helium-Neon View 01 - Interior view of large (30 m W ) Spectra-Physics He Ne laser head removed from an X-ray film scanner. View 03 - Spectra-Physics model 076-4 He Ne tube, possibly from a model 134 laser. View 01 - Interior view of large 30 mW+ Spectra-Physics HeNe laser head removed. This is also a rather large HeNe laser but not nearly the size of the SP-125. My orinal "Model 130 Gas Laser Operation and Maintenance Manual" has.

Select Product Manuals - (More information including photos of the SP-119 can be found in Sam's Laser FAQ Chapter: Commercial He Ne Lasers. Please find below links to users manuals for some of our older lasers. Should you have trouble locating a user manual for you system, please contact Customer.

WINWEDGE USERS MANUAL - Hearne. Software The desn appears to be somewhere between that of the old side-arm tubes and modern coaxial tubes with full length gas reservoirs. QUICK START GUIDE TO USING WINWEDGE. Scott Paper, Sears & Robuck, Siemens, Smith Corona, SmithKline Beecham, Spaulding, Spectra Physics, SSI.

New Arrivals - Anderson Lasers, Inc The plasma tube desn appears similar to those in other large-frame SP lasers with the aluminum cathode clearly visible in a side-arm on rht and several ballast resistors inside the glass envelope toward the left. This is an older 3 to 5 m W internal mirror laser with its cathode in a side-arm like some larger external mirror tubes (such as the one above) rather than the more common coaxial construction used today. View 04 - Spectra-Physics model 072-1 He Ne tube, possibly from a piece of surveying equipment. Spectra Physics Lht Conversion Topas-C, model TC8U3WS in like new. range from 200 Mhz to 200 Hz. Maintenance and operation manual included.

Spectra-Physics Model 120 Laser with 256 Exciter Note that it is unlikely this tube still works as the getter is obviously depleted (white/creamy color). Operation with units of different serial numbers can cause possible damage to the instrument, or performance may not meet specifications. Interchanging one of.

CCSM4.0 User's Guide - Community Earth System Model Tube dimensions are about 9" long by 1-3/8" in diameter. CCSM4.0 User's Guide. fure specific model physics and parameterizations. finite volume and spectral grids are generally associated with atmosphere.

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